Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Funday...with stairs

Hey I have brunch plans too...Farmhouse anyone? BUT, before I get my eggs on, this was the perfect way to start a relatively chilly day here in KC. You'll be done in 30 minutes flat...and that's including the cool down.

Here's what to do:

Warm up quick run for 1.5 miles or about 12-15 minutes of fast walking or jogging.

Sprint stairs for 20 seconds and go into a 30 plank right away then go back down the stairs. Repeat the stair sprints/planks for a total of 8 times. 


Here is the view of my little warm up run this morning...I love my city! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Boost your workouts with a cup of joe!

Great news for people like me who love their coffee...a lot...and basically need it to function at all (see rolled-out-of-bed-straight-to-coffee-shop-this-morning photo as proof)! Coffee can boost your workout performance-whoohoo! Check it out: caffeine not only gives you more energy to tackle those burpees, hard walks or long runs but it also gets you in a good mood for your sweat session which can lead to more intense sessions. Something to remember though  is that caffeine is a diuretic (and too much can have a laxative effect), so if you're planning on drinking and sweating, make sure just have a cup or two and drink as much water to keep hydrated. Need more info on caffeine and performance...check out this study.