Friday, July 9, 2010

Working out at the best time...

So what time of the day should you work out to get the most out of exercise? There isn’t an easy answer. Some people are morning people, some are night owls, but consider the pros and cons of morning, afternoon and evening workouts.

The perks of morning workouts

  • Working out in the morning can jumpstart your day and fill you with energy
  • Research has shown that people that workout in the morning stick with their exercise routine more so than people who work out later in the day
  • Working out before work/school/the kids are up means more time for the family and evening activities
  • You don’t have to worry about “something coming up” and not make it to the gym later…you workout is done!
  • Starting the day off right with exercise sets you up for a day of good healthy decisions

The challenge of the morning workout

  • The snooze button…need I say more?
  • Getting enough sleep is very important (see how important to your health by clicking here), so if you aren’t able to get to bed early enough to get at least 6 hours of sleep before you get up to work out, you might want to consider another workout time.
  • Your body temperature is at it’s lowest, so you need to warm up a bit longer than usual (10 minutes or so) to prevent injury

The perks of lunch workouts

  • Working out before you eat lunch revs up your metabolism and can set you up to succeed with healthy choices during those heavy craving hours between 2 and 4 in the afternoon.
  • Getting work friends to work out with you can help you be accountable

The challenge of the lunch workout

  • Work gets busy…so sometimes the workout gets put on the back burner with your lunch break

The perks of an afternoon workout

  • Research has shown that you have between 4-5% more strength and endurance during the hours of 4 and 5 p.m. This can mean that you can workout harder and longer at that time
  • Injuries are less likely to happen in the afternoon because your body temperature is at it’s highest and your muscles are already warm

The challenge of the afternoon workout

  • Unless you stay at home, have a flexible work schedule or don’t work the typical 9-5 job, working out at this time may be impossible

The perks of a night time workout

  • Some people are just more energized at night and so working out is more conducive after dinner

The challenge of night time workouts

  • Working out 4 hours or less before bed time can disrupt your sleep
  • Life happens and you might not be able to workout in the evenings because of family commitments or unexpected plans

Basically, you know yourself and what will work for you body and your schedule. Get into a habit that is right for you so that you will stick with it! Put it on your calendar and get your body moving!

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  1. I would do anything to get up and workout EARLY but I can rationlize ANYTHING at 530am!