Friday, August 6, 2010

Keep fit on your vacation!

It’s August and that means it’s time for one last vacation before summer ends and school gets started. Whether you’re heading to the beach, mountains, historical sites or grandma’s house, you don’t have to ditch your fitness routine and throw your hard work out the door.

Make it a priority to be active on your vacation and come home and pick up your fitness routine where you left off…maybe even fitter than before you left! Here are several easy and some family friendly ways to take your workout on the road to stay healthy and happy!

  • Take a hike and burn 405 calories per hour!
  • Go for a ride…on a horse, that is…and burn 171 calories per hour
  • Ditch the car and briskly walk everywhere possible while burning 297 calories per hour
  • Have some time on the green planned? Make sure to carry your clubs and burn 414 calories per hour.
  • Canoe down a river and burn 306 miles per hour
  • Burn 270 calories per hour by taking a bike to your destinations
  • Learn to surf and burn 207 calories per hour
  • Take a dip in the pool, lake, river or ocean and burn 414 calories per hour
  • Mountain bike up and down awesome hills for a burn of 576 calories per hour
  • Take to the slopes and ski off 594 calories per hour
  • View what’s under the sea with a snorkeling excursion and burn 360 calories per hour
  • Workout in your hotel room using what they provide (chairs, tables, beds, etc.) for pushups, dips, sit ups, lunges. Check out this workout and burn between 500-600 calories per hour!
  • Take your workout to a park or beach and burn 600 calories per hour. Check out this outdoor workout circuit.
  • Sign up for a fun run or race to compete in your vacation city

Happy vacationing!

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