Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fat Loss GOLD!

For years, I’ve been approached by supplement companies to try or sell their products and I have always found them lacking in something; usually poor quality, artificial ingredients or unsafe additives.  But I have finally found some products that I’m willing to put my name behind. I use them myself (as does my family, including my two year old son), recommend them to my friends and clients and have seen amazing results. Personally, I have amazing amounts of energy (even got off all caffeine-a miracle in itself), dropped 3 pounds of fat in my first 2 weeks of using the products, sleep better than ever and just really have an overall feeling of wellbeing. What is this miracle company? Isagenix.
If you’re interested in feeling great, releasing fat, having more energy, please read on and contact me for more information.
I have tried almost every product the company offers and LOVE all that is offered in the Weightloss Presidents Pak. Here are some of my favorites…
Isalean Shakes: great for pre or post workout as well as the perfect food for meal replacement (no artificial sweeteners, undenatured whey without hormones or antibiotics, delicious)
Ionix Supreme: knocks out the physiological reactions to stress…like cortisol which can add fat to your mid-section
Cleanse for Life: oh my…fat loss! This is no colon cleanse, but a cellular cleanse which rids your body of toxins and fat…yes!
Isalean bars: just another way to get lean by replacing a meal or for a heavier snack…very addicting…very very yummy!
IsaDelights: a piece of chocolate with vitamins and minerals to help curb appetite…one of my favorites!
Ageless Essential with Product B: This is a big one. All the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal health, energy and healthy aging. Also, Product B…it reverses cellular ageing…what? Watch this
Interested? E-mail me at erin@ehfitness.com

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