Thursday, January 5, 2017

Take a shot and detox

I don't know about you but I am in full detox mode from the holidays. I've been helping my body recover from late nights, lots of processed food and wine with my new favorite shot.'s not that kind of shot (the pointy or alcoholy one) but a health shot. Check it out: in this one big gulp of awesome, you get benefits like blood sugar stabilization, balanced pH in your gut, lower blood pressure, a boost in antioxidants and antioxidant absorption, and increased metabolism...amazing, right? Fair warning-it's going to be like you're taking some kinda of questionable, burning shot like you did at the bars in college...but it's totally worth it-you'll get the opposite of a hangover! If you  want to know more about the amazing healthy benefits of each on them.

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Mix all the ingredients...if you would rather sip it as a tea or a drink, feel free to add more water...I prefer to shoot it
  2. Take the shot
  3. Drink lots of water right after...kinda like a water chaser
  4. Repeat up the three times a day before 10-20 minutes before eating
Bottoms up!

adapted from Dr. Axe Detox recipe :)


  1. This would be awesome at mops breakfast!!!! 😂

    1. It totally would...I'll make up a big ol' batch for next meeting :)

  2. I substitute lemon essential oil for for the lemon juice (and sometimes cinnamon oil). Same benefits and much easier to shoot.

  3. Replies
    1. Maria, there is nothing to be nervous about...just don't think about it and wash it down with a bunch of water and viola!

  4. To quote Ralph from the Simpson's "it tastes like burning!" Super intense, amazingly exhilarating, and I think I chased with a liter of water.