Thursday, March 2, 2017

Easiest way to make spaghetti squash...ever.

I love love love my crockpot. And now, I love it even more because it is hands down the easiest way to make spaghetti squash. It comes out perfection every single time and there is no flipping or really any clean up! For those low-carbers, gluten-free-ers, want to get more vegetables-ers, Spaghetti squash is a fantastic pasta substitute or a super yummy side dish! It's only 31 calories per cup and provides lots of vitamins and minerals including vitamin A and C plus calcium and potassium and a good amount of fiber. 

What you need:
  • A crock pot
  • A spaghetti Squash

What you do: 
  1. Wash the squash
  2. Stab the squash with a fork or knife all over about 12 times
  3. Put the squash in crock pot with 1-2 cups of water
  4. Cook on low for 4 hours
  5. Let it cool for a few minutes before cutting it in half and scooping out the seeds
  6. Shred the "Meat" with a fork and scoop out the "noodles" OR save a dish and eat it out the skin

You can top this any way you like. I love it as a side with just a bit of garlic, salt and pepper. Yummyyyyyy!

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