Thursday, April 6, 2017

Keepin' girls night healthy...and tasty...without a veggie tray

Oh girls night's something I look forward a lot. For me, it means 3 things: 1. Great adult catch up time in yoga pants. 2. When it's at someone else's house-they have to clean and I'm not home for the endless bedtime routines and negotiations with my adorable kiddos (it's nice to have a tiny break every once in a while). 3. Yummy wine and food.

I am queen of always bringing a veggie tray to every get together, but girls night is a bit different: it's special. So what's a girl to do when trying to stay on track with healthy living? Enter berries and super dark chocolate. You get some amazing fiber, vitamins and minerals with the berries and the dark chocolate is not something like puppy chow or M&Ms that you can eat by the handful...or let's be honest, bowlful. It's something that you nibble, because it's good...but not that good. Plus, it offers a low sugar (5-6 grams per serving), some feel good antioxidants and a perfect pairing for your favorite glass of wine. 

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