Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tasty Summer Cheat Treat

Not everyone can eat perfectly all the time…there is always room in a healthy and balanced diet to “cheat” occasionally. And therefore, I cheated at lunch today. I ventured out to have the first ice cream like treat of the summer and ended up at Mochi-Yo Yogurt Bar at 119th and Nall in Leawood. This wasn’t “normal” frozen yogurt, y’all, this had that great tangy taste of actual yogurt…only it’s like ice cream.

You can get tons of toppings on this delicious goodness too…lots of fruit options, Mochi-balls and of course chocolate and cookies. It felt like this was a real, full fat and calorie laden cheat-treat, but guess what?! In a 4 oz serving (1/2 of yogurt) there are a mere 110 calories and ZERO fat that’s right…none! I’m not saying that everyone should visit this awesome new food find every day to try all their flavors (plain, green tea, strawberry, etc.), but if you’re craving something cold and sweet, this might be the sweetest deal you will find this summer!

Just a note…and not to burst anyone’s bubble…but be careful with the portion size here. One 4 oz serving is about half of the small size. AND of course if you are adding toppings like chocolate chips and cookies and such, your calories and fat go up. So practice portion control here and split a Mochi-YO with a friend.

Happy “cheating!”

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