Thursday, March 11, 2010

The 222 calorie BLT!

So currently, I'm obsessed with BLTs. And if you know me at all...this is new and weird since I really dislike pork products. However, there is just not much else that reminds me of spring and summer than a tasty BLT. Okay...I guess there's swimming pool smell, watermelon and heat to remind me of summer, but they aren't as tasty as a great BLT. The deal with BLTs though is that they are often a poor choice because they are grilled with butter, have a ton of saturated-fat ladden bacon on them and are very unhealthy-carb heavy. BUT I have made a slim version of an ol' fat favorite! Check it out:

  • 3 stripes of crispy, pan fried bacon (don't add extra grease...that's nasty)

  • 1 toasted Oroweat sandwich thin

  • 3 slices ripe tomato

  • 2 large lettuce leaves

  • 1 tbsp light mayo

Put these all together and viola! A 222 calorie tasty sandwich that is just as good as it's fatty 400-500 calorie counterpart.

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