Friday, March 19, 2010

Even the busiest people can work out!

Don’t think that you can commit 30-60 minutes of time to exercise each day? The problem might just be that a bit chuck of time like that just isn’t possible. But what about doing 3-6 shorter workouts of 10 minutes? Everyone can find a 10 minute break here and there weather it’s right when you get up, during work, over lunch, right after work, in between (or even at) your kid’s soccer practices and right before bed.

Studies show cardiovascular fitness and is even MORE effective at creating exercise adherence, as compare to a long workout session equaling the same time.

So find time (just 10 minutes, at least 3 times a day) to reap the benefits of exercise.

Here are some suggestions for your 10 minute workouts.

  • First thing in the morning and right after work, take a brisk walk around the block
  • Over your lunch break, climb the stairs at your office building or get outside and walk or run
  • When shopping at the mall, take 10 minutes out to walk briskly around the shopping center (extra points if you are carrying bags!)
  • During your favorite TV shows, walk in place, do jumping jacks, jump rope or anything else that raises your heart rate
  • While you’re waiting for dinner to cook, noodles to boil, meat to brown, walk in place or around the house continuously or do other kinds of aerobic movement like jump squats, jacks, etc.

Point is, is that everyone has 10 minutes randomly throughout the day. Just make sure that you are working in your target heart rate. Make exercise a priority to treat your body (and heart!) right!

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