Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don’t let the Easter Bunny ruin your waist line

I’m not sure why, but it always seems as though we use “holidays” as a big fat excuse to overeat. Well…one of those holidays is coming up. Easter is a great time for celebration with family and friends but tends to center around sugary food, brunches and dinners. And let’s face it, whether or not you are at an age where Easter Egg Hunts are appropriate J, Easter candy is a temptation. So make your plan now and keep on track with your healthy eating and exercise plan. Here are a few tips to help you out this weekend:

1. Get up early and go for a walk/run/gym session. If you work out in the morning, you are more likely to make better food choices throughout your day.

  • 2. Leave the Easter Eggs to the kids. Come on now, chocolate and jelly beans are delicious, but they are not so nutritious, so leave that stuff to the kids.

3. Fill your plate…with veggies, that is! Make sure at least half of your brunch/dinner plate is veggie filled, then let yourself have what you want on the other half.

4. Chew some gum. Going to a gathering with bowls of candy, chips and dip layed out, etc.? Pop in a piece of gum…no one likes to snack with gum in their mouth J

Have a great weekend, celebrating and staying healthy!

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