Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NEW! Workout Wednesday!

Summer is fast approaching and that means that smaller clothing and swim-suits are on the horizon! Each Wednesday, I will be posting a new and awesome workout to help you firm up and drop weight for the warm season. Do it three days a week, plus get outside and get moving. Here's the first one...enjoy!

5 minute warm up

First Tri-Set:

Bicep Curls

Tricep Kickbacks

Overhead Press

(1 minute jumping jacks)

Second Tri-Set:

50 traveling lunges

50 bicycles

Tricep Dips

(1 minute jump squats)


One set = 12 or more reps unless otherwise noted

Repeat each Tri-set 2 times before moving to the next

Cardio is done between each tri-set for a total of three times each

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