Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Move of the moment: Pushups

Pushups have been around FOR-EV-ER, so sometimes I think that people forget how awesome they really are. You don’t need any equipment and they work your entire upper body. PLUS, there’s a ton of different ways to do them so that even the novice exerciser can participate as well as the pushup veteran.

So how is a person to do the perfect pushup? Think tight abdominals. That’s right. Whereever your pushup is being performed (a wall, your knees, your toes, one leg, etc.), basically, it’s a moving plank. Think of contracting the abdominals towards the spine and fighting gravity. I tell myself that the only thing hanging down, should be my shirt. Anyway, here are a few variations of the pushup that I love. I’ve put them in order of less intense to nearly impossible. Enjoy!

Pushups on a wall: Great for beginners. Simply find a wall, stand about 2 feet back, place your hands on the wall a bit wider than shoulder width apart and bend your elbows until your face is almost touching the wall.

Pushups on your knees: This is a great way to start pushups on the ground. On your hands and knees, make sure your butt is down so that you make a straight line from your head to the back of the knee (see photo). Complete push up.

On your toes: This is the “normal” pushup position. Remember, you are a plank!

On one leg: Just lift a leg up while doing your push up

Spider-man style: While lowering your body towards the ground, touch your right knee to your right elbow, next one, switch to the left side.

Dive Bomb pushup: This is my new obsession. Check out this video for correct form (but do it slower that this speedster). Basically, you start in down dog and lower your forehead towards the ground, then let your nose, chin, chest and ribs brush the ground as you press your way into up dog. Go back to start and repeat…Ouch (in a good way, of course :) )

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