Thursday, December 5, 2013

Work off those holiday eats and drinks

Did you eat or drink too much at that last holiday party or friendly get together at your favorite bar? No problem. Get to the gym and get back on track with your healthy eating. Too busy to go to the gym? Again, no problem, there are ways to burn extra calories during holiday and New Year’s celebrating. Check out how many calories you can burn doing the following typical holiday activities for 60 minutes*:

  • Dancing the night away: 300 calories

  • Cleaning house before guests arrive: 205 calories

  • Shoveling snow off your driveway/sidewalk or raking leftover leaves: 409 calories

  • Shopping for the perfect gifts: 175 calories

  • Ice Skating: 477 calories

  • Helping kiddos play with their new toys: 225 calories

All of these activities are great because they work the entire body AND are things you might have been planning to do anyway! So lend a hand doing the dishes, helping with a neighbor's yard or  playing with your nieces and nephews and become healthier and happier as a result!

*calorie burn is based on a 150 lb person

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