Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Work Up to 2014 Fitness Challenge

‘Twas one week before Christmas and all over the place were candies and cookies and treats by the case. “They’re so hard to resist,” I said to myself, “I must pump up my workouts before becoming a chubby ol’ elf.”

Sound familiar? Well, never fear, I have just the thing to burn some extra calories so that you start 2014 off right!

Here’s the challenge: Each day, between now and January 1st, add the following moves to your current routine (or if you don’t have a routine, use this one to jump start your fitness goals). It’s a take on “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Do exercise #1 on Day 1 (tomorrow…or today if you can’t wait to get started), and then exercise #1 and #2 on day two and then exercise #1, #2 and #3 on day three…you get the point. So by New Year’s Day, you will celebrate the beginning of 2014 by doing all 14 exercises (approximately 15 with minimal rest). 


Day #1. 100 Jumping Jacks
Day #2. 12 Push Ups
Day #3. 3 Burpees
Day #4. 14 Tricep Dips
Day #5. 15 Jump Squats
Day #6. 60 lunges (30 each side)
Day #7. 70 second plank
Day #8. 80 hip ups (40 each leg)
Day #9. 90 seconds of bicycle crunches
Day #10. 100 second wall sit
Day #12.  12 Plank Switches (12 each side)
Day #13. 13 Squats
Day #14. 14 Burpees

Want a little reminder in your inbox each morning of the challenge with your workout for the day?  Simply e-mail erin@ehfitness.com and put "Sign me up" in the subject line.  


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