Friday, August 28, 2015

Protein chips!?!

If you've talked to me at all in the past 2 weeks or so, you know I'm kinda obsessed with Quest protein bars. For a girl who is always on the run, they are a great go-to meal paired with some cut up veggies. Sometimes, however, it's nice to have something salty; enter Quest Protein Chips. Obviously from the picture below, I'm very excited about the new find (and very sweaty after teaching my 4th class of the day-whoop!) I found these guys at Price Chopping (in the health food section). There are other flavors too and with 21 grams of protein and 120 calories (and only 5 carbs), they are filling and crunchy and salty. I mean, don't think they are going to taste just like potato chips, but I will give them two "Yums" up.

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