Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Apple cider vinegar?

I keep hearing all these amazing things about apple cider vinegar. Like how it can control blood sugar, clear up skin problems, aid in digestion, help with weight loss, clear a stuffy nose, increase energy and more.There's even some actual research that has been done on it's benefits.  Soooo...I decided to start taking shots of it for a month. 

It is recommended that one gets unfiltered, raw organic apple cider vinegar if you're going to ingest I did. I bought mine for about $4 at my local grocery store. I watered down my first "shot"about two weeks ago (1 tbsp and about 1/2 cup water) and drank it as fast as possible and then chased it with another big glass of water. It is not the tastiest thing in the world, but I'm pretty sure I've done other kinds of shots that were equally if not more disgusting and didn't have any health benefits at all :) 

So after doing the shots for almost two weeks and this is what I've found so far: I feel WAY less bloated, my appetite has decreased (especially less cravings in the sugar department) and when I'm ravenously hungry and I take a shot, I feel like my blood sugar stabilizes enough to make great food choices. Like instead of wanting to eat the entire kitchen contents, I'm able to make myself a couple eggs and be satisfied. Also, about this time of year, my sinuses are a mess; and thus far, I have had NO problems.  So, I'll continue it for least for a month and see what else happens :) 

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