Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Clean eating on the go: car salad

I just finished teaching a very sweaty spinning class for a friend and have 20 minutes to get to my next shin dig. So what's a girl to do for dinner? Well, this girl anticipated her hunger and packed a salad to eat between the gym and the next deal. I totally get that a drive thru is totally easy and convenient but for the most part, it's not awesome for health goals. Sooo if I can plan, I do. Hence, Car Salad. I took a bunch of pre-chopped veggies and greens, added leftover grilled chicken form a BBQ this past weekend, threw some olive oil and vinegar on it, popped it in my son's insulated lunchbox and viola! 

I'll save the drive thrus for emergencies. Today, I will down this clean and fresh car salad.

*please note that I am not advocating eating your car salad while you drive-ise your brain and shovel it in your mouth in the parking lot 😋

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