Friday, November 4, 2016

Week night dinners-easy, nutritious, balanced

Anyone else feel like maybe it would be great to just be able to skip dinner every once in a while? I mean, intermittent fasting is good for the body and brain. Unfortunately, my little family really likes to eat in the evening. Every. Darn. Day. So I've come up with a week of fall meals that everyone will eat (at least )in my house) that are less than 30 minutes (or in the crock pot). It makes me feel a bit more sane. Plus, if you have gluten or dairy issues, you can totally make them free of those guys. Here is what our weeks look like right now. Simply click on the link for more information on how to do it the fastest, most efficient way to get this food on the table.

Monday: E.H. Fitness chili in the crock pot.

Tuesday: It's call "Taco Tuesday" in my house; kinda like create-your-own-burrito-bowl of deliciousness.

Wednesday: Baked salmon with rice and mixed veggies.

Thursday:  Balsamic Short Ribs with smashed potatoes and honey glazed carrots

Friday: Get rid of your leftover chili on baked potatoes

Saturday: Honey Soy Chicken with rice and mixed veggies

Sunday: Left overs...go's a day of rest! :)

Basically, there is a formula here: protein, starch and veggies. Once I got that little formula under my belt, planning meals was made easy. Just simple clean meals. Boom.

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