Tuesday, July 2, 2019

30 Minute Full Body Workout...with Dumbbells...yay!

Need a quick, intense, full body workout? This one is challenging and can be done with with a single pair of dumbbells. Take or leave the little cardio challenges or do some and rest some or do them all...you get the picture: listen to your body.


What you need: Grab a pair of heavy weights and a mat

What you do: Do 20 seconds of the exercise and then 10 seconds of rest or cardio for a total of 8 times before moving on to the next set of exercises

Set #1: Squats for 20 seconds, jacks for 10 seconds
    (feel free to change up your feet position...you have 8 sets, don't get bored)

Set #2: Push ups for 20 seconds, mountain climbers for 10 seconds
    (change your push-ups to down dog push ups or dive bombs or single leg....the list goes on and on)

Set #3: Squat Curl Press with dumbbells for 20 seconds and jump squats for 10 seconds
    (nothing fancy here...just get the booty low each time!)

Set #4: Single let Dead lift with Row with dumbbells for 20 seconds and butt kicks for 10 seconds
    (alternate legs each set...and if you're feeling off balance, feel free to have both legs on the ground)

Set #5: Bicycle crunches for 20 seconds and toe touches (climb the rope) for 10 seconds
    (flex the feet or point the toes or straighten the legs...challenge yourself. The optional cardio in this set is just more abs...you're welcome)

Set #6: Back extensions for 20 seconds and plank jacks for 10 seconds
    (keep your feet together and think about lifting both chest and knees off the mat)

STRETCH...please :) 

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