Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Quick as a Whistle Timed Ladder Workout

Have just under 30 minutes to get a heart-pumping, body-weight only workout in today? I've got you covered!

Timed Ladder Workout

Here's the deal:

Complete the list of movements for 15 seconds each, then 30 seconds each, then 45 seconds each, then 30 seconds each, then 15 seconds each and then stretch! Take as many breaks as you need, but if it feels okay, just go right into the next exercise for more intensity!

Here's the Work: 

1. Lateral lunges
2. Jumping Jacks
3. Bear Crawls
4. Burpees (with a push up)
5. Bridge Walks
6. Mountain Climbers
7. Bicycle Crunches
8. Sit Throughs
9. Dips
10. Jump Squats


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