Monday, September 7, 2009

Move of the Week Monday

The Move: Stair Climbing

Today is Labor Day and for many people, their gym has reduced hours or is closed for the whole day. Totally unfair if I do say so myself. But no worries! You can get a great workout with zero equipment and, for lots of people, without leaving your own home. Stair climbing is a great way to reach your target heart rate fast and keep it there for the duration of your workout. Plus, since it is so intense, you burn more calories than simply walking, jogging or biking.

Muscles Worked: Legs, gluts, core, heart!

How to:

  1. Put on your tennis shoes.
  2. Find some stairs in your home, at a stadium, in an office building.
  3. Climb to the top without stopping and turn around and climb down…repeat for the desired workout duration.

Trainer Tips:

  • If you haven’t climbed stairs for any length of time before, go slow at first…don’t run, just walk, it should be challenging even walking.
  • Try to keep good poster throughout the climbs and descents: shoulders back and down, back straight, head up

Make ‘em harder: You can always go longer, faster and skip stairs to make this move more challenging…it’s your workout, make it work for you…


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