Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...for a morning workout!

I had a client cancel this morning due to sickness, sad times. But happy times were just on the horizon. As I walked out of the gym with a whole hour to myself at 6:15 a.m., I felt the cool air and breeze and realized that I had just been given a gift. It was only 70 degrees at that point and I took full advantage. I drove home, grabbed a sleepy dog and headed to my neighborhood park at a fast paced walk. There I worked all of my major muscle groups PLUS got a good 30 minutes of cardio in. Here's this morning's quick, on the fly, workout.

10 minute fast walk (or jog or run)

Stop at the first bench or bleacher set you see and do the following

  • 12 push ups* (chest, back, core, arms)

  • 12 dips (shoulders, triceps)

  • 12 push ups* (chest, back, core, arms)

  • 20 traveling lunges (lower body)

*if you have bleachers to work on, do staggered push ups (one hand on one step and one hand on the step up...switch sides for second set)

Continue your fast walk, jog or run to the next bench or bleacher set and repeat...and repeat...and repeat until you're out of time.


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