Thursday, September 4, 2014

Burn calories like crazy outdoors!

There are a million ways to burn calories and shed pounds right in your neighborhood, at the lake or at a park without any gym equipment. Here are just a few ideas to blast calories in one hour while getting some fresh air.
  • Walking briskly with the dog: 225 calories
  • Jogging with a friend: 476 calories
  • Running after your kids: 680 calories
  • Tennis-singles: 476 calories
  • Mountain Biking (yes…there are hilly trails around here): 578 calories
  • Roller Blading: 476 calories
  • Pick-up Basketball: 544 calories
  • Playing Catch with your kids or dog: 170 calories
  • Sand Volleyball: 544 calories
  • Croquet at a BBQ: 170 calories
  • Swimming with the family: 408 calories
  • Ultimate Frisbee: 544 calories
  • Water Skiing: 408 calories
  • Family Bike Ride: 272 calories
  • Coaching little league: 272 calories
  • Building a deck or fence: 408 calories
  • Mowing your lawn (not a riding or self propelled mower): 374 calories
  • Planting flowers, pulling weeds, mulching, etc: 272 calories
*Caloric values based on continuous movement of a 150 lb person. You will burn slightly more if you weigh more than 150 lbs and slightly less if you weigh less.

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