Thursday, August 4, 2016

An apple a day...

So what's the deal with the the saying "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away?" Is it true? Is it something that parents say to get their kids to eat more fruit? Well, it turns out that it might be true. Apples are amazing. When eaten (with the skin on), they provide boatloads of phytochemicals that can decrease cholesterol, fight cancer cell reproduction and help prevent cell damage. .All. Good. Stuff. Plus, apples also have a good amount of fiber to help us feel fuller longer and are easy to come by (and to throw in a bag or purse for a vitamin rich snack). As you can see in this photo of the cutest little girl in the world (totally biased), it is also a wonderful thing to give to your tiny child in the grocery store to keep him/her occupied (just make sure to watch them in case they bite off more than their little teeth can chew). On a side note, this photo was taken at the mega-Hyvee in Overland Park where they have fruit baskets for kiddos if you wish to opt out of the free cookie option while you shop. LOVE IT! (They also have a bar there...another side note). So eat your apples and check out some of the research that proves they are good for us!

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