Tuesday, August 9, 2016

No veggie prep time? No problem!

I LOVE cutting up veggies...I know...it's super weird...but I let myself cut up fresh produce and while I do that, I allow myself to watch guilty pleasure TV (so there is an incentive, for sure). BUT there are many times when I go to the fridge for some chopped veggies and someone (mainly me) has eaten them all. AHH! Enter frozen vegetables. They are awesome. My new fav blend is the Stir-fry blend from Costco. It's enormous, as most things from Costco are, and has all of my favorites in one bag for like $8. I throw a cup or two (or three if I'm super hungry) into a saute pan with a little water and spices and in 5 minutes, I have a colorful array of vitamin rich, fiber packed veggies to add to eggs, chicken, salmon or just a plate. No excuses!!

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