Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Announcement: In Person Personal Training is Back!

I am so excited to announce in-person personal training is back! I know that it won't look exactly like it was before, but I can't to be with know? If you're ready to work towards your goals with training and wellness coaching, I'm your trainer.

This kind of personal training is super personalized as we are in the "in-between" completely staying away from people and going back to the way it was before Covid-19. For instance, you choose your comfort level when it comes to

-gloves or no gloves
-mask or no mask
-at a park, in your home or at a gym (starting sometime in June)

I will still be staying 6 ft away from clients for the time being and we will not be sharing equipment for safety sake.

If you're interested, check out the 30-minute session packages here. Questions? E-mail ( or call/text (913-909-2043).

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