Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Still at Home? No Problem...I Can Help You Stay Fit!

Though gyms and studios have begun opening up around us, some of us are still more comfortable staying home and I would love to help you keep fit while distancing! 

1. Personal Training. can still get one-on-one time and attention with a personal trainer. I have been working with clients via video session and it's going great. The other option is no-contact, outdoor training....also a great option for the natural and social distancing lovers! If either of those options peak your interest, shoot me an e-mail at or a text at 913-909-2043 to see how I can help you reach your wellness goals!

2. Stay Connected and Fit 21-Day Challenge. There is a new one coming...complete with live workouts, 21 days of dinner ideas and lots more. Let me know you are interested by e-mailing me at 

3. LIVE Zoom Stretch and/or Fitness Classes for Your Business. So you've sent your employees home and are trying to find ways to keep up moral as well as adding a bit of a bonus to your company's work days. Bring your employees a stretch break to ease aching backs and shoulders from all those Zoom meetings. Or maybe have a group sweat session to get over the afternoon slump. It's a great way for everyone to check in with one another and also let your people know that you are thinking about them and their health! Contact me for more info (

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