Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Foods that Give Your Immune System A Boost

During the last few months, our health and the health of others around us has been at the forefront of our minds. Exercise, adequate sleep and washing our hands are all great ways to boost our immune system. But did you know, that what we put in our bodies can give our immune system even more of a fighting chance? That's right, "we are what we eat" isn't completely true but maybe "we are as healthy as what we eat" has a bit more weight to it. 

Check out these foods that give our immune function a BIG ol' boost:

1. Sweet potatoes, carrots and leafy greens are loaded with beta-carotene which is a crazy-strong antioxidant that reduces inflammation in our bodies and increases disease-crushing cells! 

2. Bell peppers, citrus fruits and broccoli contain a healthy does of Vitamins C. Foods rich in Vitamin  E include nuts and seeds. Both of these vitamins help destroy free radicals (those nasty unstable atoms in our bodies that damage cells and can cause disease and aging).

3. Beans and lentils contain a good amount of Zinc, a mineral that helps boost white blood cells in the body which defend us against unwanted invaders like harmful bacteria.

So next time you reach for a snack or think about what to do for dinner, consider adding one (or many) of these foods to your plate!

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