Tuesday, November 3, 2020

100 Burpees Plus a Full Body Workout

This morning, my bad-a$$ outdoor morning class did a 50 minute full body workout that included a total of 100 burpees. It was amazing and the perfect way to wake up and feel less stressed on a tense day (hellooo Election Day 2020). 

So grab a pair of heavy dumbbells (something you can safely lift overhead), crank up the music and let’s get to work! 

The plan:

Do each pair of exercises 4 times each (8 total in the set) for 35 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Get creative during your sets. For instance, change up your foot width for your squats, throw in some single leg deadlifts, do some of your rows in a plank, etc). Have some fun with it! 

The Work:

  • Squats/jumping jacks
  • Squat curl press/jump squats
  • Bicycles/sit ups
  • Walk out push ups/plank jacks
  • Deadlift/burpees
  • Bent over rows/ mountain climbers
  • Straight arm pull overs/side planks

WAIT! But how did you get in 100 burpees?! So glad you asked! During your “rest” do 1 burpee (that gives you 64 burpees right off the bat). Then do 9 burpees when you have burpees as your exercise). And that’s a wrap on 100 burpees, folks! 

Make sure to stretch and drink plenty of water! 

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