Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January Heat Wave Workout

Get outside tomorrow, Wednesday January 28...it's going to be in the upper 60s! Don't breath in stale air while you workout when you can be getting the fresh stuff. Take your booty to the street, park, backyard, etc. and sweat it out with this do-anywhere workout!

Warm up (walk/jog): 5 minutes
(repeat the workout below for 30 minutes or your allotted workout time)

12 push ups
20 jumping jacks
12 tricep dips
50 walking lunges
walk fast/jog/run/sprint for 5 minutes

Cool down (walk/jog): 5 minutes


Heatwave in January playlist

Tips for joining a gym that is just right for you

It's the last week in January and that means that deals on gym memberships may be expiring soon. So if you're thinking of joining a gym, now is a great time to take advantage of the New Year's discounts. But, before you hand over your hard earned money, did you know a staggering 67% of people who pay for gym  memberships never use them...what?! Don't be a sucker; join a gym that is right for you and your goals. Here are several areas to investigate and questions to ask to make the right choice for you!

  1. Join a gym in a location that you are going to drive to. Duh, right? But 4 out of 5 people that pay for a gym membership, don’t use it…crazy! For most people, the gym should be very near (10 minutes or less) from their home or office. If you join a facility that is hard to get to or will make it hard to get a workout in on a busy day, you will not go.
  2. Your ideal gym will have the amenities that you want and need.
·         Are you social and like to spend time with other people? Then join a gym that has group fitness classes.
·         Do you know that you need some extra support and direction to get fit? Make sure that there is personal trainer available.
·         Are your children going to accompany you to the gym? Find out if there is childcare at the facility.
·         Are you expecting to swim as part of your routine? Your gym needs an indoor pool.
·         Will you be changing into your workout gear or showering at the gym after your workouts? See if the gym in question has locker rooms with showers, towels and lockers.
·         Do you need a 24 hour facility because of your schedule? There are many gyms that are open 24 hours a day. Check out the facilities hours of operation.
·         Are you on the road frequently? Many gyms are part of a larger organization that has locations all over the country. For those that get around, make sure that your membership fee includes access to these other facilities.
  1. Join a clean gym. Exercise facilities and locker rooms can be a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria. Ask your prospective fitness facility how often they machines are cleaned, equipment is disinfected and the locker rooms and childcare areas are scrubbed down.
  2. Are the membership fees within your budget? If you can’t pay for the membership, then you obviously shouldn’t join.
  3. What is the cancellation policy? Life changes, so make sure that there is a reasonable cancellation policy in case you need to quit your membership. Some gyms require a 30 day written notice while others have lengthy contracts that are difficult and expensive to break. Know what and how long you’re signing up for before you sign on the dotted line.
  4. Find out what is included in your membership fee. Some gyms have the following benefits included in the membership and some charge extra. Find out how much your membership is actually going to cost you before joining.
·         Group Exercise Classes
·         Locker rental/towel service
·         Child Care
·         Swimming
·         Personal Training
·         Fitness Evaluations
·         Equipment Orientation

  1. Try it before you buy it. You might do this with several fitness facilities to get a feel for what you like in a gym. Most gyms give a few days of free passes to use their location and some even give a 2-week free trial. Take advantage of this so that you can try out classes, make sure you’re comfortable with the environment and other members and staff.
  2. Make sure that the instructors and personal trainers have a current national certification. Many gyms require that their trainers to have highly reputable national fitness certifications and some do not. You want the experts at your gym to be trained properly so that they can train you properly, so ask.

Happy gym hunting!