Wednesday, July 24, 2019

NEW 21 Day Shape-up Challenge to End the Summer with a BANG!

It's almost August...gasp! How did that happen? did...and if you're feeling less than energetic going into the back-to-school time, I have a solution!

Even though for many people the end of the summer is full of vacations, back to school events, more traffic starts the second week in August in many places, it's still a great time to get in shape and feel your best.

I've put together a 21-Day Challenge that is easy to follow, has minimal food prep and fast (and super effective) workouts. Also, we will practice intermittent fasting which will free up more time to enjoy the last weeks of summer! (If you read "fasting" and that scared you...stick with me...they are short daily fasts...not extended fasting times...promise!) 

So if you're ready to:

  • get sugar cravings under control
  • sleep better
  • get stronger without having to step into a gym
  • eat real food to fuel your body
  • decrease body fat
  • reduce inflammation

...join me for E.H. Fitness' newest 21 day challenge...and finish you're summer with a bang!

There are NO supplements, pre-packaged foods to buy or long hours in the gym. Just real food and quick workouts to help increase energy, promote better sleep, decrease anxiety and maybe even shed some body fat.

Here's what you can expect when you sign up:

  • Membership to a private Facebook group with daily encouragement, workouts and tips
  • Suggested food guide and recipes
  • Sample Grocery list
  • Daily workout schedule
  • A private online forum (via FB page) where you can post questions, celebrate your successes (and challenges) as well as get encouragement from a group of people doing the same work.
  • Access to an ACE certified personal trainer and wellness coach with over 10 years of experience
  • NO supplements or gimmicks...just food...the kind you eat out, cook at home or pick up on the go.
  • All for $29 payable via PayPal* or Venmo*
Are you in? Ready to choose to feel better and ditch some unhealthy habits? Ya know...when you feel better you look what's there to lose?

E-mail me @ me that you are IN.

*as soon as the PayPal or Venmo invoice/request is paid, you will be added to the private Facebook group! :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

30 Minute Full Body Workout...with Dumbbells...yay!

Need a quick, intense, full body workout? This one is challenging and can be done with with a single pair of dumbbells. Take or leave the little cardio challenges or do some and rest some or do them get the picture: listen to your body.


What you need: Grab a pair of heavy weights and a mat

What you do: Do 20 seconds of the exercise and then 10 seconds of rest or cardio for a total of 8 times before moving on to the next set of exercises

Set #1: Squats for 20 seconds, jacks for 10 seconds
    (feel free to change up your feet have 8 sets, don't get bored)

Set #2: Push ups for 20 seconds, mountain climbers for 10 seconds
    (change your push-ups to down dog push ups or dive bombs or single leg....the list goes on and on)

Set #3: Squat Curl Press with dumbbells for 20 seconds and jump squats for 10 seconds
    (nothing fancy here...just get the booty low each time!)

Set #4: Single let Dead lift with Row with dumbbells for 20 seconds and butt kicks for 10 seconds
    (alternate legs each set...and if you're feeling off balance, feel free to have both legs on the ground)

Set #5: Bicycle crunches for 20 seconds and toe touches (climb the rope) for 10 seconds
    (flex the feet or point the toes or straighten the legs...challenge yourself. The optional cardio in this set is just more're welcome)

Set #6: Back extensions for 20 seconds and plank jacks for 10 seconds
    (keep your feet together and think about lifting both chest and knees off the mat)

STRETCH...please :)