Friday, February 18, 2022

Ankle sprain workout (Updated: broken ankle workout)

There’s a lot going on in this pic…a badly sprained ankle in a boot (nope…new news-broken in two places and currently in an actual cast)… thanks, pickleball, a crutch (can’t yet put much weight on the foot), billowing pj pants (I’m not going anywhere) and a few dumbbells (nothing wrong with my upper body and core!). 

So what can you do for fitness when you can’t use your leg? So much! Put on your favorite rockin’ playlist and get stronger with this workout! 

Here’s the deal:
Do each movement 12 times. Complete the list 2-4 times depending on the time you have (I have all the time! 🤣😭)

Here’s the work:
-knee push ups 
-chest flies with legs up in the air
-leg raises from all fours
-fire hydrants for all fours 
-tricep dips off bench or on floor
-bicycle crunches
-ab in and outs 
-seated leg extensions 
-seated bicep curls
-seated overhead press


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