Friday, October 16, 2009

Fantastic Food Find Friday

The Find: Stellar Organics Cabernet Sauvignon (No Added Sulfites)

The Facts: There has been a lot of buzz in the last few years about the healthy benefits of red wine. A recent study published last month’s issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research has found significant health affects of the compound resveratrol which is found in red wine. The benefits include protecting against heart disease and some cancers as well as aiding in prevention of age-related disorders, inflammation and diabetes.

Organic wine is the best for health because it does not contain pesticides and most do not add sulfites (which is the main cause for headaches after a glass of wine).

I have fallen in love with Stellar Organics Cabernet Sauvignon for a few reasons:

1. I love cabs

2. It does not give me a headache after a glass like most wines

3. It’s about $10…AND a twist off cap…don’t judge me…I like them

So cheers to red wine! Please note that downing a bottle of wine is not healthy…wine in moderation is healthy (that’s one glass a day people).

Spice it up! Pair this wine with a small piece of dark chocolate for the ultimate treat!


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