Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Have a quickie during lunch today!

A 30-minute, do anywhere, quickie WORKOUT! It's Tabata Tuesday, folks, so get ready to burn, sweat and breathe (that IS why we all workout, right?!).

Warm-up (4 minutes of movement)

1. Push ups/Burpees

2. Lunges/Skips

3. Planks (make them interested by adding side planks, knee dips, moving planks, etc.)

4. One leg bridges/Ab bicycles

5. Dips/Mountain climbers

6. One leg squats/jump squats

Since there are mostly two exercises per Tabata, do the first exercise on the first, third, fifth and seventh 20 second work period and the second exercise on the second, fourth, sixth and eighth.

Not familiar with Tabata style workouts? Click here for more information.

And remember to take precautions when working out in the heat (I had the sweatiest run of the year this morning.) Find out how to protect yourself from the heat by clicking here.


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