Thursday, November 9, 2023

Hack the Hardest Part of Your Workout

The hardest part of any workout isn't how heavy one lifts or getting in that final rep or even figuring out what to do for the day's exercise. 

You know what it is for most people? 

Getting started. 

That's it. 

If you can simply begin your workout, you've done the hardest part! Whether it's getting to the gym for a class, walking out the door for a jog or getting on your mat for at home yoga, once you've done that one thing, you are WAY more likely to continue and finish the workout planned than if you don't start at all...right? 

Psychology Today gives an in depth and researched article on how to get "unstuck, get-started and stay on track." Here's a few of the article's tips (exercise specific for our purposes here). 

1. Even the smallest step forward is still gets you closer to your end goal. So, if you are wanting to run a marathon, even 5 minutes of running is better than not running at all. Want to be less winded when walking? Get out and walk for 5 minutes. Wan to be more flexible? Do a short yoga YouTube video. You get the point.

2. You can do things even if you don't like them. Yep...we can do hard things, things we don't like to make our lives healthier. If you don't like to exercise, the key here is to find a way to move your body for health in a way that you can tolerate. Don't like fitness classes? Turn on your favorite music and dance around your house. Don't like to lift weights? Maybe yardwork is your thing. 

3. Break your goals down into bite sized pieces. Sometimes that big goal (walking a half marathon, squatting 200lbs, exercising 30 minutes a day), feels super overwhelming and then we don't end up doing anything. Small steps will still get you there. Start by walking 1 mile, squat 25lbs or exercise just 5 minutes a day. You can build from there!

4. Create a plan. This is key. Put your workouts on your calendar and then do them...just like with any meeting, appointment, happy hour, etc. Write down your goal and what you are going to do to get there. Sometimes we need help with these things...and thank goodness, because health coaches like me wouldn't have a job otherwise. Reach out to someone who has accomplished the goal you are working towards or a professional for guideance. 

You've got this...GET STARTED!

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