Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Your Next 25-Minute Weight Training Workout

This 25-minute workout hit the spot this past Sunnday morning...so I thought I'd share. (Just ignore the leaves that snuck into my garage-haha.) It gets every muscle group in the body, is quick and effective. Grab the heaviest dumbbells you can for each exercise. Want to know why you should be lifting heavier weights? I'll give you 6 good reasons

It's a timed workout with 35 seconds set aside for each exercise-you can easily get in 10-12 reps per set-choose your weight accordingly.

Here's the Deal

Warm up for a few minutes and then each exercise for 35 seconds before moving on to the next in the list. Minimize break time to get a bit of a cardio pop too! Go through the list 4 times total and cool down/stretch however you would like. I've also included links to photos of the exercise if you need it.

Here's the Work
3 minute warm up (abs, walk, run, bike, etc.)

(run through the list 4 times total)


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