Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Taco Tuesday


We LOVE Taco Tuesday at my house. Everyone can just make their own tacos, or burrito bowls or whatever.

  • cooked cauliflower rice (super easy with Trader Joe's frozen kind) or regular rice (super easy with steam-in-bag rice
  • shredded taco chicken (so easy, throw chicken breasts in the crockpot with a jar of salsa...all day on low, 4 hours on high)
  • black beans (I'm in love with Trader Joe's Cuban style black beans)
  • shredded lettuce or cabbage
  • diced onion (you can grab some at the salad bar in your grocery store if you don't want to chop)
  • salsa
  • and add some avocado for extra yumminess!

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